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Liath well we will see, he's a super fun dog and this will be his first year in harness. Liath was born 2017.


Kelim's Scooby Doo, SDX Kelim's Golden Snitch, SDX, CGC NorthWapiti's Q NorthWapiti's Super Grover
NorthWapiti's Kluane
NorthWapiti's Rainy, SD Chlout's Moses of Velikaya
Chuchinka's San Antonio Rose
Kelim's Camelot, SDX NorthWapiti's Paxson, SDX, CGC NorthWapiti's Robert E Lee
Alaskan's Olena of Anadyr
NorthWapiti's Wired, SD NorthWapiti's Mega Watt
NorthWapiti's Sprite
Kiana's Flurries Have Begun Northomes Maniac, SDO Northomes Only Northomes Tough Guy, SD
Northomes Cloud, SD
Northomes Riot Jedeye Ytukay Chaos of Ygar
Northomes Legacy, SD
Kiana's Super Nova Ch. Alkas'iber's Tres Pete Ch. Alkas'iber's Al X Canaan, SDX
Alka'siber's Tokomac Nite Lily
CAN CH Kiana's Khocolate Kiss, CGC, TT, RE, WPD, WLD,S DO Pair-A-Dice's Black Phantom
Kiana's Kopper Kyia, CGC, WPD, WLD, SD

2018 River Run Siberian Huskies
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