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Gambit is not so sweet but he does have a sense of humor and not much bothers him. He's a hard working dog and hopefully will make strides this year in lead. Gambit was born July 2015.


Northomes Viktor, SDO Kodiak's Skip at Northome, SD Kodiak's T Moki, SD Kodika's Spider SDX (Canadian)
Kodiak's Kris
Kodiak's Jewel Second Kodiak's Valois, SDX
Verhelynn's Ruby of Kodiak
Northomes Cloud, SD Northomes Jasper, SDX Northomes Sonny Liston, SD
Northomes Pepper, SD
Northomes Keki, SD Northomes Chancey of Anadyr, SD
Northomes Pepper, SD
Kiana's Moxie Of The River Kiana's Dreams Come True, SDX Northomes Mark, CGC, RN, SDO Northomes Chip at Qualobo
Northomes Penny
Kiana's Gynger, WPD, WLD, SD Ch. Alkas'iber's Manly Mentor, SD
Kryska's Minnie Might, WPD, CGC
Kiana's Wicked Winter, CGC, RN, SDX Northomes Maniac, SDO Northomes Only
Northomes Riot
CAN CH Kiana's Khocolate Kiss, CGC, TT, RE, WPD, WLD,S DO Pair-A-Dice's Black Phantom
Kiana's Kopper Kyia, CGC, WPD, WLD, SD

2018 River Run Siberian Huskies
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